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If that hot girl is acting like a guy because she's not 100% girl, it's a case of Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite.Sometimes, especially in anime and manga, one of these gets teamed up with a more-refined masculine-acting character.Also compare her female drinking mates, the Hard-Drinking Party Girl and the Lady Drunk.And, for the ideologies for and against her, see Real Women Don't Wear Dresses and Vasquez Always Dies.The Squadette may also be a Lad-ette, but it's not a job requirement.A Gender Bender plot (especially via a "Freaky Friday" Flip) can often result in a girl with a masculine personality who acts much like a Lad-ette.

In turn, a Lad-ette can be utterly shameless in exploiting male sexual interest for her own personal advantage.Compare and contrast with other tropes about women who look/behave in a traditionally "masculine" way: the Tomboy (she might have been one when young); Bifauxnen (where the girl can effectively pass as a male - though ironically while lacking most of the 'masculine' behaviour of the Ladette); her ancestor, the Pirate Girl; and her great-grandmother, who shares some of her mannerisms and points of view, but retains a more feminine image: The Flapper.Also compare the Butch Lesbian, with which this trope may or may not overlap.She likes sports, beer, cars, swearing, fighting and sex in a stereotypically masculine way.She is crude, rude, often hygienically challenged and cheerfully ignorant and aggressive.

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