While updating the default player

If this preference is not set, the direct URL for the analysis will not be presented when saving analysis files as library items.

This is done here: • Administration Manager DXPLibrary Web URL: Web Player/Spotfire Web/ .

Note: In version 7.5, the Analyst client does not use the public endpoint as configured with the config-public-endpoint.

Resolution for Version 7.0 and earlier: In the "Administration Manager", set the "DXPLibrary Web URL" preference with the base Web Player URL as needed.

But don’t worry you can easily clear defaults UC Music & UC Video Player & reset to Complete action using screen option as default.

So how to clear default from UC Music Player or Video Player.

o config-public-endpoint How to configure the DXPLibrary Web URL on TIBCO Spotfire Server 7.0 and earlier.

This is the same as Option 1 described above for Version 7.6.

So if you want to clear UC video from default player then follow these easy step: That’s it you have successfully cleared defaults from UC Browser apps.

Now when you will play your Music & video then your smartphone will always ask you for your permission with Complete action Using option screen.

(Uploading tracks is a free feature of Google Play Music and doesn’t require a monthly subscription.) Subscriptions also player a bigger part this time as Google continues to compete with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others.

Galaxy S8 buyers will receive a free three-month trial for Play Music — just like consumers who’ve purchased Google’s own Pixel smartphone and other select Android devices.

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