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Shame on you Macy, customer service is your bread & butter.A Previous Customer I am giving you my phone number so you can cancel my account, no return call response is needed, I have made up my mind about this.

The only thing I would like to see change is your store hours like for Thanksgiving I REALLY WISH you where CLOSED.

But yours make me think Walmart, a company that does not care about there employees .

again when I think of Macy’s with the quality you offer I kind of put you up with the N word Nordstrom.

So that your employees could enjoy there Thanksgiving with Family and Friends and to watch the Macy’s Parade. I even went to High School (Villa Park) with your CEO Terry Lundgren and I know when Terry was a manager at Bullocks, store did not stay open such long hours.

When I think of MACY’S I think Classy, Style, Designers Great Value and Great Customer service.

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