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I felt I knew him just because I heard so much about him, the love she had for him made me feel like he was part of our every day life.The student, who is studying fashion and merchandising, fondly recalled her ‘completely English to the end’ grandmother, who spent the remainder of her life on her African farm, just a mile from where Tahlia and her 23 year-old brother, Kaedi, grew up.'Her house had a very English feel to it, with touches of Botswana.But not long after they arrived in Africa the colonial authorities forced them to back into exile to live in Britain for six years After six years living and working in London in the 1950s, Ruth, pictured with her grandson Kaedi, and her husband were given leave to return to Africa – after Seretse’s tribe sent a telegram to the Queen to 'send us our real Chief - the man born our Chief'In the film, the tumultuous events of the unfolding love story move between the bleak grey of postwar Britain and the raw, burned-earth landscapes of Africa, chronicling the couple’s impenetrable bond in the face of vicious, racist plots to break it, which came from both sides of the equator.'They did not judge people by their skin complexions or their religions or details, they were totally accepting.

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R.” Fifteen minutes later, a tall blonde woman in sunglasses is standing by the table, extending a hand.

‘They had written a song for her that they wanted to sing, dedicating it to her and welcoming her to the tribe.

It must have meant a lot to her.'‘Ruth’s heart was very much with him all her life, perhaps even more so after his death.

I hope that one day I may aspire to have what they had,’ she revealed from her home in Johannesburg.

Since Ruth’s death in 2002, Tahlia, pictured, has taken inspiration from her ‘grace under fire’ survival to find the strength to leave a troubled relationship.

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