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“I think she’s addicted,” said Dawn Nettles, publisher of the Texas-based Lotto Report. Vegas is a mecca for people seeking to turn gambling into an income stream.

Poker pros and card counters just the best-known examples. Sometimes progressive slots have such big jackpots, they’re worth relentlessly pursuing.

Factor 2: Generous Texas In mid 2000, ,000 was the biggest lump-sum instant payout in Texas, for a game called Piece of Cake. 2004: first ticket (many states still don’t have them), for another million prize.

Then Texas started feeding its scratch-off games growth hormones. In April 2006, Ginther won million playing Holiday Millionaire, a game.

And months of painstaking analysis of Texas Lottery records cast doubt on the most common suspicions.

See: "16 schemes lottery legend Joan Ginther likely didn't use" A simpler theory surfaced: The costs and odds in the games she played weren’t so wild after all.

Over eight years, that’s 0,000 a year, leaving a lot of her annuity and all of her savings untouched. Gambling losses can be written off against gambling winnings on federal income-tax returns, and with her annuity, Ginther easily met that test.His advice: Set a budget, but “do not spend grocery money, do not spend rent money.” "Nobody can guarantee you’re going to win a grand prize," he said.Powerful Factor 1: House money Thanks to her 1993 Lotto Texas win, Joan Ginther had 0,000 coming in every July through 2012.Suppose she repeatedly redeemed winners for more tickets. Reinvesting that would win another ,470, and she’s already doubled her tickets.Continue the pattern and it works out to roughly buy one, get two free.

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