Puppy love dating site

Yet Adi brushes his owner aside and shelters the puppy, bringing it under his body and hugging it.

The owner says 'shake hands' in an attempt to reach the puppy's paw, but the clever pooch presents his paw instead.

It is like the sound of your voice becomes white noise and they no long respond to it.

The Story: What would December be without a White Elephant gift party?

There’s always the good gift everyone fights over and then there’s the uhh… I remember people giving away ONE glove, a broken remote control, a traffic cone, even a jar of their own toe nails! But when I was 12 I went to my first White Elephant party and someone gave a box of peppermint bark–That was the gift everyone wanted.

Confession: I tried to make this last year and totally failed.

I tried to stir the candy canes into the chocolate before coating the cereal and then tossed it in powdered sugar.

It didn’t work and didn’t look half as pretty as this batch.

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