Jill jack dating

Posters devoted considerable energy setting up the attack sites.

She was stunned that her attackers could figure out that she was behind her pseudonymous blog.

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Posters “outed” her as the author of her pseudonymous blog, taunting that the “confessions she’s made about her pitiful fat fucking self are now blasted across teh [Over the next year, the attacks grew more gruesome and numerous.

Racist comments she never made were attributed to her.

Posts listed her professors’ e-mail addresses, instructing readers to tell them about Mayer’s “sickening racist rants.” Someone set up a Twitter account in Mayer’s name that claimed she fantasized about rape and rough sex. Mayer could not even guess the identity of the posters.

After graduation, she secured a one-year fellowship with a non-profit organization.

Shortly after she began working, posts falsely accused her of having been fired from jobs due to her “sexual misconduct.” The name of her supervisor appeared next to the suggestion that he needs to be told that she is a “stupid slut.” Mayer talked to her supervisor about the posts, a painful and embarrassing task.

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