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It doesn’t give consumers the resources they need so that they don’t have to rely on credit and can begin to build a healthy financial future. For example, when consumers get on a longer repayment schedule, they end up paying more over time, even if the interest is lowered some too.

And, some forms of consolidation are extremely risky.

While some consumers choose to create a budget and plan to pay off their bills on their own, for others going it alone is an overwhelming task.

Another option is to seek the help of a debt relief company.

For instance, if you can’t make your payments on a home equity loan, you may lose your house.

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Begin your research by reviewing each company's listing with the Better Business Bureau.Here are the types of debt we can roll into one payment for you: Our credit counselors at Clearpoint work hard, not just to get you lower interest rates with creditors but, most importantly, to educate consumers on taking control of their finances, helping them change old habits and conquer debt once and for all.A debt management plan can be a great tool to help some people organize their finances and get spending under control. The answer is “yes” if you: A certified consumer credit counseling expert can review your personal financial situation through an obligation-free budget counseling session.They usually build an even more towering mountain of debt in just a few years because they didn’t change their spending habits.Bill consolidation is the process of combining multiple credit accounts into one loan.

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