Kristen dating justin bobby

Justin Bobby Brescia starred as both Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari's MTV-appointed love interests on ; Cavallari even confirmed their relationship had been fabricated for the show in 2012 because, apparently, we don't deserve nice fake things.His amazingly long locks, which he often contained under a beanie, only added to his bohemian prophet vibe.The stud confessed that if he would do the show all over again, but he revealed he’d do it a lot ‘smarter.’ He also opened up about some of the scenes being fake on the show, for example, when he 'left' Audrina's helmet on the sofa during a party and took off., and her best friend Heidi Montag was her trusty sidekick. In the same interview, LC said that her emotional discussion with Audrina (when she was moving out of their poolhouse) was all too real. Well, if you watch Spencer Pratt’s Snapchat now, you will see that the crystals bit is all very, very real.Over the course of several seasons, we watched as sidekicks turned to villains, with Heidi falling into the clutches of the antihero Spencer Pratt, all while Whitney Port, Brody Jenner, Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth, and, of course, Justin Bobby, were caught in the fray. (Sorry.)When Lauren left the show, Kristin Cavallari heroically took her place, opting to create as much drama as possible after was a universe of drama and action that rivals Marvel itself, and viewers were usually under the impression that the show had diabolically genius writers behind it — at least a little bit — right? And so was the single mascara tear that fell down her face during the talk. According to Heidi and Spencer, though, they started acting out on purpose in the later seasons, fearing a cancellation in competition with Well, this is another mixed bag. She was my best friend and she wouldn’t give me more of a conversation,” she told The producers say it was real, and Audrina says that they really did have passionate moments, and that they did date. Even his brief, tear-inducing, friendship-ruining engagement seems to check out, according to Lauren and the show’s staff, who all say they wish that they relationship wasn’t so complicated and dramatic.But when the 2010 finale pulled back on an emotional Kristin-Brody goodbye to reveal a soundstage, we fans were left to grapple with the ultimate reality TV questions: was absolutely know what you did, MTV, when you released this teaser with Lauren Conrad appearing to work in fashion in front of an MTV camera crew. We’ve rounded up the most hilarious catch-phrases, tragic romances, single-tear inducing conversations, and deliciously dramatic moments, all in order to assess just how real or fake they might’ve been. While it would appear that Spencer and Lauren do still genuinely hate each other, Spencer copped to leaking sex tape rumors (still saying he didn’t “start them,” though) about Lauren in the first place. Audrina, however, says that Heidi always “egged it on” for the cameras, and Lauren says that Heidi was portrayed accurately as an antagonist. Justin says they were friends and that most of the drama was all for the show. They actually wanted Lauren to go forth in the direction of other storylines.If will always be a guilty pleasure with a small drop of sentimentality.

She says that while she had fun, the seriousness of her party girl image were more invented and exaggerated by producers, going as far as to offer Lo a Birkin bag for putting forth rumors of substance abuse.may have ended in 2010, but its cast of characters and their faux-real lives remain fresh in our minds.We know what most of them are up to these days, but it's not often you get an update on one of reality TV's finest inventions.The towncar stopped, she got out, and the crew emerged. It won’t be revered as one of the most surprising series finales ever — like — because it simply admitted what we’ve all been saying for four years now, but the show does deserve credit for taking all of this criticism and turning it into one big joke. “Well that’s one of the questions that was always asked in the show, ‘Is it real or is it fake?’ And we kinda left everybody with ‘Well you’ll never know what’s real and what’s fake’,” a vague Brody said during MTV’s after show. So if it was all scripted, does this mean Brody is a really good actor?

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