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Moles are common and, even though they're most prevalent in fair-skinned people, nearly everyone has a few.

Generally, they are harmless skin growths resulting from a high concentration of natural skin pigment.

He was born in Houston, and came to Vegas hoping to strike it rich.

When that didn’t happen, he defected cross-country to Brooklyn, determined to make it as a full-time artist.

Apps like Tinder, Airbnb, Facebook and e Bay offer solutions for earning money, finding companionship and even a place to sleep for the night.

And the free Wi-Fi flowing in most cities means the web has become the great equalizer.

Going to jail wouldn’t be the worst thing, admits Robert, who is saving up for a new apartment.

His dream is to sell his original artwork, but in reality, it’s the reproductions that pay the bills: monthly cellphone service, the occasional night at a hostel, gym membership and art supplies.Robert’s not the only homeless man optimizing his life via Wi-Fi.One night at the Brooklyn shelter, one of the men scans the sign-in sheet, phone in hand.He gets 90 percent of the earnings, giving the seller a 10 percent cut for their essentially renting their user name and bio.Over the past three years, Robert estimates he has sold close to 0,000 of work on e Bay — though he’s lost most of his past earnings partying.

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