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Never heard of one in titanium but either ways I just pulled the trigger a couple of hours ago, and a some negotiations which started 2 nights ago and finally this beautiful Sinn156B is headed my way from Spain.I had fired an email to pascal this morning to get his opinion, but knowing Pascal is extremely busy and the fact that the seller was very kind to have the watch packed for me, with my name on it even before I had paypal'd him, decided to not wait any longer.I cannot be certain, but nonetheless very happy to get one. (hope am not violating any rules by posting these pictures , but its mine already ) Here are the 3 other Sinn's that I have gobbled of late. It was love at first sight and since then every other watch I owned has gone only to be replaced an army of watches fired by lemania movements.The Lemania story and journey started as soon as i got to know of a certain Mr Pascal. What do i say about this beautiful timepiece, guess it need no introduction here of all places.

Seems to appear in good shape, and the case was made of titanium.Between the Sinn 157 and the next Sinn I managed to pounce on some beautiful watches, until the inevitable happened. Here is mine on a rubber strap I chanced up on, And last but not the least the .Appeared on Chrono24 for a bargain price which I could not resist. A very special note of thanks to Pascal for introducing me to this beautiful and powerful movement. Hi W, great collection of Sinns, and a nice 156 too - I remember the advert for this one due to the 'titanium' description - I'd be very surprised if this was the case however, I've not seen or heard of this but no matter, still absolutely fine as it is.If your computer savvy I'm sure you can get around it but for the most part its better than nothing.If you are already using multiple user names please stop now and even I wont know who is who but the next time you log on with a different name I will get a...

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