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I didn’t see her, nor did I touch her and said this calmly to her and even apologised, which didn’t calm her.After telling her to stop shouting at me a couple of times and her gesticulating widely at me, I said “Please go home and take out your real problems on someone else” and walked away while she was yelling “What-e-ver darling”.With one particular ex, we both kept trying to have the last word for several months until I realised that each of these revisits to the ghosts of relationship hell past was only creating more questions not closure.It turned out that my ego didn’t need him to tell me that he was a dipstick no more than I needed everyone who had ever known the two of us together to think well of me.A situation like the shop incident would have had me stewing or even wondering what she’d seen in me to behave like that, but to be honest, her disproportionate reaction had nothing to do with me.

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This is much dryer and airier than I had imagined, and certainly far more casual. I have some things to say about this one sadly, and what a sad thing it is for me. One spray is enough and every time i wear this I get compliments "Wow that is such a beautiful perfume" "That perfume smells very classy" I have grown to love it and enjoy wearing it on special occasions, definitely not an everyday scent.They might even wonder who the hell you think you are.It says that whatever the bone of contention is, that it’s up for negotiation.Allure Sensuelle has preserved its unique and playful fickleness with dazzling citrus, fruity and floral notes, and magnificent wooden accords.Resemblance is there, yet the fragrance has become more mysterious and shady.

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