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While teenagers in our parents' generation were lucky if they saw a nip slip or a giant bush in a copy of , kids now carry a 24-hour free porn library in their phones. A study conducted at the University of Arkansas in 2010 analyzed 50 best-selling porn videos in the U. and found that 88 percent of the scenes contained physical aggression, mostly spanking, gagging, and slapping.

And 48 percent contained verbal aggression, primarily name-calling.

In its 2015 Year in Review, Pornhub reported that the search term "hard rough fuck" went up by 454 percent, and in the United States, "extreme gangbang" is among the top five searches gaining the most traction. I remember once watching a gangbang video because I thought it might be hot to see a woman get worshipped by a bunch of dudes. It basically just looked like a woman was being raped by group of scary dudes who wouldn't let her go.

With so many Americans regularly watching porn (there are no reliable statistics, but the one most cited online is 40 million) there is bound to be some kind of influence on sexual behavior.

Porn is now more widely available and accessible than at anytime in history.

Of course men are gonna think it's okay to gag a woman with their dick when Vanessica from You Porn is doing it with a smile.

And that was the exact moment he decided he wasn't ready for a relationship.

Our first conversation about being exclusive ended up being the last time we spoke.

"I've had numerous guys try to aggressively shove fingers up my butt without any lube or any warning," she said.

Which, as anyone with a butthole knows, is exceptionally painful. Has mainstream sex has become more aggressive toward women? The most obvious explanation for cultural shifts in sex would seem to be the explosion of Internet porn.

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