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Anu agreed, but her nervousness and uneasiness didn’t seem to decrease at all. The room also started getting cooler over time, as I guess they must have increased the cooling of the airconditioner. “ Cmon atleast take a couple of sips” I urged my wife, “it might make you feel a bit warmer” She still didn’t.

I was through with my first drink and went for a second round. As we were talking we saw another 2-3 couples walk in , as also a few single guys.

As Anu and I were talking, the latter got up and went to the place where the elderly couples were sitting and started dancing by himself. After a minute or two he walked upto an elderly woman, bent down and said something to her.

My wife Anu and I were on a vacation to Paris and we were thoroughly enjoying it.

Being Saturday, the club was also open to singles today. But its costs 90 euros for a single man and one has to be in absolute formals.

Suits are preferred for men by the management of the club, and women have to be elegantly dressed.

Anu, who was already very nervous, urged me to call it off. And the first drink and the buffet dinner was on the house.

“Maybe it doesn’t exist, or we are in a wrong place. So, as we both were sitting nervously in the corner, I thought it was best to have something to eat , atleast to look a little busy.

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