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We and western women loose sight of the 'old romance'.These Eastern women still hold on to this, maybe due to the religous aspect of these lands.If youre fresh out of ideas for a great gift to give... All my favorite Aha moments from Super Soul thought leaders. and giving all my proceeds to help girls education.First you should look and criticize your own back yard before trashing people you don't know shit about.You must be writing this in pain of blue balls, as you couldn't get laid by a Hungarian girl.That's a great deal for a cheep and careless idiot like you!LT | Feb 16, 2005 hey thats the perfect example as to why americans make bad tourist.

Hungarians need to lighten up and stop taking themselves SO F-ING seriously! alison | Dec 25, 2005 Yes, this guy has a number of valid points (supported by his 'soulmate', Dave): most Western men (especially Anglo-Saxons) take a shower about once a week "whether they need it or not".They want A Man, not a companion who knows how to parboil brown rice and cries at the end of movies. The Azeri prison officials should have just let him rot in gaol when they had their hands on him! Mary Ellen Liebowitz | May 4, 2004 I think the author of this thing is in need of some serious R&R!Having followed this advice, you should now be the proud owner of a Hungarian girlfriend. You need to get laid and unwind and stop putting people and places down that yu have no idea about!Listening to this advise you ain't gonna get nothing, you'll end-up 'choking your own chicken' - like he does.david | Jul 15, 2005 Hey calm down, the man has a point.

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