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The key to that service is instant and automatic obedience. She has acknowledged that the only purpose of her existence now is to serve me.This was both more comfortable for her and, more important for my purposes, a more useful posture. It's a position which can be practical, worshipful or obsequious. Anna had only begun to learn the joys of obedience. I smiled and nodded to let her know she was on the right track, relaxing my grip on her hair and caressing her cheek and neck with my free hand. Where before you were adrift, unsure of your direction in life, you will become completely focused.

Anna, who had never imagined such relationships before meeting me, was fascinated by the dynamics of it and eager to learn more.

With Anna, the contradictory elements of her character — that unstable mix of shyness and exhibitionism, abject needfulness and chaotic rebellion — combined to make perfect psychological clay for the molding of an ideal slave.

This does not come easily and naturally to any human being, but to some it is the only path to a satisfying life.

When I came fully to my senses I realized Anna's eyes were closed, her teeth bared and her own body bucking in sexual frenzy. You're different from ordinary women and I'm different from ordinary men. We're going to stay together, Anna, because no one else will make either of us as happy as we can make each other. "I'm proud of you, little one," I murmured as her body began to move, synchronizing with my thrusts. Not "forced," actually, because every one of the young women used on these photo shoots is a volunteer, someone who enjoys the experience, often traveling long distances for the thrill of submitting to humiliation and pain on camera to an international audience.

I let her ride it out, waiting until the seizures slowed and stopped before withdrawing from her and rolling to the side of the bed. "I like you, Anna," I said, watching her face glow. The wonderful thing is, we're both different in the same way. Even though we've only been together half a dozen times, even though we've only been intimate this once, even so I know deep in my soul that we are a perfect fit, you and I, in spirit, mind and body. " This was obviously moving a bit fast for the girl, yet I knew from our previous conversations, from our mutual body chemistry and from her own body language that she was falling in love with me. A long time later, after she had come five more times to my once, and as we were letting the cool air dry our soaked bodies, she whispered, "I've made up my mind. I want to be yours." "You understand, little one, there'll be more spankings when you're bad," I whispered back. (And, of course, for the money.) Many of them were college students like Anna, so she readily related to them.

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