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They’re generally cool, calm and collected, but when they get mad, watch out! They can also be stubborn, possessive and resistant to change.While some may see them as lazy, they prefer to call it rest and relaxation.As you can imagine, having this information is critical for getting the full picture as far as not only who you are information about your relationships, career, finances, family, health and so on.Let’s look at a brief snapshot of each of the 12 rising signs: Aries: Aries rising people present themselves as warm, dynamic, assertive and competitive.

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So many things will interest you and there may seem to be not enough hours in the day to do them all.They tend to act first and think later, relying on their natural instincts, which are generally very good.As Mars is the ruler or Aries, this is further defined by the sign and house placement of their natal Mars. They’re earthy, practical and sensuous, preferring comfort over extravagance and quality over quantity.The “ascendant” (or “rising sign” — these terms are used interchangeably) refers to the sign that is “rising” or on the Eastern horizon at the time of birth.It sets up the rest of the astrological house structure — the 12 sectors that correlate to important life areas — and determine where the planets and other points fall in a natal chart.

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