Secretly dating my boss

My question is around my return to work; I really don’t want to talk about the reason for my time off (I may in the future but for now it’s just too painful).

However, I know my colleagues will be curious about why I was off and will ask questions (because they care, not because they’re looking for gossip), particularly those who’ve had meetings rescheduled. Sometimes in this situation, people will have a designated colleague spread the word so that they don’t have to answer questions themselves. I accepted a job that paid ,000 — ,000 less than the employment agency that I went through told me — because it seemed like a good fit and the manager said they’d do a review at six months.

I have been secretly crushing on my boss, and overcompensating by keeping as much of a polite distance from him as possible.

We had a really great connection from the beginning, and our working relationship was so good and so efficient that we referred to each other fondly as work wife/husband.

I feel like I’m getting paid less than I’m worth right now, which doesn’t seem fair.

For example, you could say that you’ve been dealing with some difficult stuff in your personal life (true!I got asked why I couldn’t make a decision right then and there.I even modified my request to ask for 6 hours instead of 24, that I’d get back to them at the end of the business day.Well, it’s not exactly like that, but the principle is more or less the same: You agreed to a rate for your work, and while you can ask that it be changed going forward, you can’t ask that it be changed retroactively just because you regret not negotiating earlier.It does suck that you didn’t negotiate, but you agreed to their proposal and they assumed you did that in good faith.

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