Wow patch not updating one tree hill cast dating

I kinda had a feeling after seeing the Blizz Con mounts that this expansion would go back to the faction war. I’m not sure if the island scenarios and warfronts are the same sort of thing. What I’ve seen so far has gotten me pretty pumped up to fight for my faction. As a long time Alliance player, that genuinely pisses me off and I’ll gladly slay Horde by the thousands for that.My initial impressions of Battle for Azeroth are basically, “cool! The Heart of Azeroth is basically a variant of the Netherlight Crucible except on armor pieces instead of relics. I liked how the cinematic gave cool moments for both factions, but Sylvanas screaming “for the horde” is the only part that gave me goosebumps (even though I don’t really play Horde).Its only purpose is to lead you to Arcanomancer Vridiel. Devs/status/936369672965963776Welcome to the Patch 7.3.5 Public Test Realm!We've shared some details on what you'll see available for testing during this PTR period: NA: EU: Devs/status/938105001716563968We've updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including Class, Items, and Pv P hotfixes that are live following weekly maintenance in each region: you PLEASE tell me why I get an armour token as a "bonus" item when my guildies get a reroll with the new Antorus raid mission??They are assembling an entire team just to deal with classic Wo W.So the current Wo W team is not affected by this, they can still focus fully on the real Wo W. This is simply an announcement that they’re working on it.A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team!

If you’re already on that quest, you didn’t miss anything. Devs/status/935668337006096384To expand on this: "The Cursed Shard" does not reward any Wakening Essence upon completion.As for Horde, you know Highmountain tauren are badass, but Zandalari trolls might be my favorite from Horde though.The general message I’ve seen in dev interviews so far is not to expect any big revamps for any specs, just tweaks. I didn’t expect Blizzard to devote the resources to pulling this off, but they are.Details here: NA: EU: Devs/status/930554493141315584We've just updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including a number of adjustments to Pv P, especially World Pv P: this wowhead comment saying the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses are only moggable during event.Can you clarify if a helm mogged into them will stay mogged into them after event ends? Devs/status/933096557313867776Our updated hotfixes blog contains the latest changes, including updates to Tier 21 set bonuses from Antorus: Devs/status/933214863207251968With the next weekly maintenance, we're making some adjustments to Shadow Priests to improve their performance in dungeons.

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