Xperl health bar not updating

Click Empty bar, click Text, and then scroll down to Classifications.You can enable level and class tags here, among other things.But nothing to change the template as it is for the reasons i have mentioned.Being a user who went from xperl to shadowed unit frames, i have a few questions about it....Or those that do use the default ui (like my roommate) would absolutely hate any sort of change.Look at wow raid frames, I personally haven't met a single p[erson that actually uses them, because they had grid, healbot, xperl or some other laternative set up long ago and they have superior options anyways.And at any rate the op isn't asking for change just for the sake of change, he's pointed out a few specific issues that could use improvement. It's easy enough for beginners, and relatively simple to mod later on when your needs as a player expand.Bliz could spend time and money updating the ui, but since so many people use mods not a large percentage of people would even notice the change.

If the party bars allowed you to use an ability and attack when you clicked a button, used the scroll wheel up, used the scroll wheel down(customizable), on them, and had a way to detect all the buttons on your mouse that would be awesome.

I've been playing wow for 4 years now (levelled 4 85's and play everyday pretty much) so with that I hope someone considers what I have to say about the original UI.

My feedback: It's old and it's becoming a pain not having all spells in view, opening this and that to mount, etc.

We have so many UI choices, which would you make dominant, hmm?

The UI as it stands provides functionality, you have 6 action bars that can be cycled through, an optional mini zone map, a compass map, a chat/text screen, party bars, and it does not clutter up the screen a great deal.

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