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As The Grand Narrative puts it: For rather than actually admitting to the sexuality in their groups’ performances, thereby placing the onus on the music program producers and public to explain just what is it that is so problematic about that exactly, instead they even force their own performers to be complicit in a long–held narrative of female virginity and innocence in K-pop.Hyuna’s popularity started slow – she was in Wonder Girls only long enough to appear in the Irony video and then she joined a new group for another company, 4Minute.When the two young men finally meet, the cold reception Minho receives from Taemin is shocking…and intriguing.Suddenly, Minho has a new mission in life: breaking through the wall surrounding Taemin, getting to know him, and winning his trust and friendship…a friendship that will lead to a love the likes of which neither young man has never experienced.This is despite the way that Korean pop stars are limited in their real personal expression – their contracts frequently forbid them to date or be involved in any “scandal” and in only rare exceptions can they control the music they perform or the products they endorse.We, the public, have no idea about Hyuna’s actual personal life.Jang Ki Ha talks about what it s like to be dating IU Koreaboo junhongie Word Press com I didn t find anything before but lately I found out that Sehun and Hyuna both wearing the same bracelet for long period OMG I really hope they re real .

Whether she does it because she’s bound by contract, or because she actually likes it, I just don’t think it’s a good choice for her on a professional level.

But Taemin is also a withdrawn, tormented soul who has dark fears plaguing him.

He is the only student that does not melt into a puddle of goo at the sight of Minho.

When he arrived at the destination of his assassination it was empty, which meant that he arrived at the apartment earlier then usual.

He entered the apartment with no problems and searched around for any clue about his past but when he found nothing even the least bit suspicious he started to doubt his orders.

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