Carbon dating inaccuracies

Both are measured as east of North, or in other words as the angular distance from North in a clockwise direction.A standard 1” core specimen is shown (above right) with the ‘z’ axis and direction marked on the side of the specimen.This summer, Simon Lloyd’s and my Ph D projects of researching Earth’s magnetic field of the Proterozoic started in the geomagnetic laboratory at University of Liverpool.After a month of literature review, our attention was fully caught by Canada, where (Neo-)Proterozoic dykes have been a focus of research for the last 30 years.A magnetic compass reading of the X axis is also taken for comparison; this is achieved by aligning the sun compass with the dip direction of the core and placing a magnetic compass against the axis of the mirror.The image below shows the X and Y axes over a plan view of the core sample/ specimen.It’s a chance to see the ancient rocks in their natural environment and the opportunity to be at the very start of project at the data collection stage; the results of which will hopefully provide brand new information to the scientific community and indeed the world. This is part of a DEEP Ph D project, in which we are trying to determine the strength of Earth’s ancient magnetic field at a time between 5 million years ago.

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The picture below shows the main part of the lab with the most elegant magnetometer in the centre.The field trip concentrated on two small igneous plutons which were emplaced at around 530 million years ago, located in Chatham-Grenville and Mont Rigaud respectively.Within each area, we took samples from several sites (up to ten) in order to obtain a wide spread of samples, with GPS locations taken at each of the sites as standard.Below is an image of the sun compass used by the Liverpool Geomagnetism team.This is used to orientate the sample more accurately than using a magnetic compass with it’s associated errors (the compass needle can be deflected by the magnetic material within the rock when trying to measure).

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