Updating comand w211

If you are searching for information on A2DP music streaming, this thread doesn't address it.See the audio systems primer at on Newer Cars: Much of this thread has been directed toward pre-2010 models,.The module features a single button, which is used to activate the pairing process, where the mobile phone or Black Berry® is connected to the module for the first time.Once pairing has taken place, connection is always automatic.

While post #11 at little but history and background, it may help some to understand the rather complicated posts below just a bit better. Most of the critical information needed is in the first seven posts in this thread.I have updated this post as of late April 2008 to account for new equipment such as the "Universal PSE" and the "Cradle eliminator" cable that will aid owners of 2000-2003 cars in equipping their cars for the many new state "hands free" laws.The new equipment will eliminate the need to find older equipment such as "Autosense" PSEs and V60 cradles, which are sometimes in short supply.It also briefly addresses 5) compatibility issues and 6) a Tele-Aid digital replacement.So that one does not have to read through useless information, each of the six matters is addressed by a subsequent, same-numbered post in this string.

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