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They divided the loot into eight parts and were rowed back over the Nile by the boatman.

Whether he couldn't keep quiet, his sudden wealth was noticed, or they had been observed, Amenpenofer was arrested by the city guards and brought to the office of Peser, prince of the city.

The judges requested of the High Priest to apprehend the fugitives.

The mother of Amenpenofer was exiled to Nubia and the builder himself rearrested a few months later and brought to court. Times were difficult during the late Ramesside period.

While the sources are very eloquent when the state and its institutions as incorporations of Maat were the victims of criminal behaviour, much less is known about what happened if the injured party was a private person.

Homicides must have been committed, yet written evidence concerning or even literary mention of murder are rare.

One such gang included a priest named Pen-un-heb, and four Holy Fathers of the God, Meri and his son Peisem, Semdi and Pehru.

A herdsman after threatening the priests, received a bull they had bought for five kit (about 45 grammes) of gold.

A scribe, Seti-mose, who overheard their quarrel, blackmailed them and extorted four and a half kit of gold.

We know of a few, apparently rare attempts on a king's life , but there were also lesser transgressions: The pseudepigraphical Famine Stela threatens the impious with He who spits (on it - i.e.

on the stela in the temple) deceitfully shall be given over to punishment.

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