Updating web page without refreshing speed dating wagga wagga

There are several different ways to reload or refresh a webpage.You can use some simple Java Script code to do that, which is probably one of the easiest way to do it.After user login, I show a dashboard about the current status of the user.

You can use Web Sockets for doing this, but be aware that Web Sockets are a new technology and in case of browser support you might have some troubles. They are awaiting events from the server like With this code on the client side, you are now able to handle periodical updates.

The content attribute is used to set the time interval in seconds.

Obviously, this type of auto-refreshing is a major usability issue.

On page loading I trigger a request eg."get Dashboard Information" (via Jquery Ajax) to get user's current dashboard information and show that information in UI. Now I want to trigger the request whenever the user's dashboard information get updated/inserted in the mysql table (related to dashboard).

Now how could I get the dashboard information lively (eg.cricinfo - scores automatically updated in ui) without the need of refreshing the page.

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