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I prefer the dry down of CDNI but the opening is a mess i just find it off putting.If Armaf improved the opening, i would'nt bother with Aventus.If the perfume was a beast in earlier batches according to other reviews, It has been reformulated.By the way I found a gem in Rasasi perfumes called "essence of purity" which is quite rare but seriously a very strong clone to aventus with amazing performance but a bit pricey, good luck Put two sprays on in a discount perfume store, walked into a Ralph Lauren outlet 15 minutes later and one of the employees made me write down what I was wearing on some receipt paper because they liked it so much.Summing up, I feel as though I've shoplifted Aventus and left a consolatory in the tip jar on the way out. 1) Would you smell a Lemon if you were all out of Pineapple? Usually they are surprised by the sillage I create in the room, when they go for coffee and come back. They did mention though if I "lowered the amount of sprays" :) 3)Longevity: Poor.At the end of the day, I slightly get a hint of what is left, on my shirt! ***UPDATE****: I was too cruel on the Sillage and Projection. I have smokier batch of aventus, Seeing all these clone stories of aventus, I have bought a bottle of Club de nuit Intense(made in France). paid 0 for aventus and for club de nuit I respect aventus for the creativity . Both are excellent performer and becomes very very similar at the dry down! Opening is smooth for aventus,after 30 min both are almost same Unless you are have a professionell nose,its hard to differentialte the dry down. Longevity ,sillage and compliments are better for club de nuit intense. It has Made in UAE batch, a smokey one and Made in France batch, a fruity one.

Here is the comparisons between above three I mentioned. Sprayed like 5 spritz on skin and 3 on clothes daily. Projection might be heavy for the first 1-2 hour and goes to moderate after that. AND HERE IS AN INTERESTING STORY FOR YOU: It was raining one night, a light, windy rain, and I was on my way back to my home, riding a bike. Sillage is nice...about 20 minutes after applying it for the first time a guy at the lunch counter told me I smelled good (then explained that he was really just saying the scent smelled good...haha). While a few women might compliment this scent, it is one you wear for yourself and that speaks with authority. The black cap came off my sprayer and I had to put it on. I was so exited about this fragrance after all the reviews and recommendations so I order it on E-bay from India.

This fragrance is Pareto's 80/20 principle in practise, except better. As in you pay a 10th of the price for a fragrance that's 90% the way to being the fragrance you'd secretly prefer to be packing. There's not much I could say that wouldn't be platitudinal by this stage of the conversation. Batch 02/2017 - Made in France: I am not super sensitive about spray count. After many different reviews here, I carefully tested for a week, every day from morning to evening, on skin, on clothes, almost prepped a survey to the ones I interact daily.

The absence of pineapple in favour of lemon is blatantly obvious, but no biggie. 2) Are you prepared to sit through a Lemony blast opening to get to a remarkably Aventus like dry down? Routine: Start at 8 AM, last check at 10 PM Results: 1) Max.

I wore it to the office, 2 sprays were enough for the day because I was worried that someone would be offended, the third time I dared 3 sprays and I got compliments from 2 females co-workers, then I ordered a sample of Aventus Creed just for the sake of it, and I just love it (I have some sprays left reserved for an special occasion.) when I smelled them side by side from the bottles they smell very alike althoug Aventus is smothier and more sofisticated they are very similar on the drydown, somehow the magic happened because now when I´m wearing CDNIM I just love it, even the "harsh citrus" opening smell nice, and from the 20-30 minutes mark it's just delicious.

So don't discard this fragrance at the first spray, wear it! BY THE WAY: My bottle is a 02/2017 batch So this is what all the fuss is about - just got my first bottle of Aventus, it lovely, surprised at the sweetness of the opening, i have not come across any clones with this.

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