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When the first vote for expulsion was taken, Stone raised her hand in his defense.The minister discounted her vote, saying that, though she was a member of the church, she was not a voting member.In the long-running and influential Lucy Stone was born on August 13, 1818, on her family's farm at Coy's Hill in West Brookfield, Massachusetts.She was the eighth of nine children born to Hannah Matthews and Francis Stone; she grew up with three brothers and three sisters, two siblings having died before her own birth.Stone enrolled at Quaboag Seminary in neighboring Warren, where she read Virgil and Sophocles and studied Latin and Greek grammar in preparation for Oberlin’s entrance examinations.In August 1843, just after she turned 25, Stone traveled by train, steamship, and stagecoach to Oberlin College in Ohio, the country's first college to admit both women and African Americans.Like Kelley, she stubbornly raised her hand for each of the remaining five votes.

Having determined to obtain the highest education she could, Stone enrolled at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in 1839, at the age of 21.But she was so disappointed in Mary Lyons’ intolerance of antislavery and women’s rights that she withdrew after only one term.The very next month she enrolled at Wesleyan Academy (later Wilbraham & Monson Academy), which she found more to her liking: “It was decided by a large majority in our literary society the other day,” she reported to a brother, “that ladies ought to mingle in politics, go to Congress, etc.Resolving to “call no man my master,” she determined to keep control over her own life by never marrying, obtaining the highest education she could, and earning her own livelihood.At age sixteen, Stone began teaching in district schools, as her brothers and sister, Rhoda, also did.

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