Collection updating

The RBS Configuration task lists which RBS modules are out-of-date.

We recommend that you update your RBS modules to the latest version so that you can see and use all of the available functionality in i Manager.

In addition, an explanation of each field This is an unique computer tool for making special calculations that help support your recommendations and improve NOAAs confidence level in your reports.

The following calculations can be performed with this unique tool.

An associative array does not need the disk space or network operations of a database table, but an associative array cannot be manipulated by SQL statements (such as ).

Using the same key with a different value changes the value.

These composite variables have internal components that you can treat as individual variables.

You can pass composite variables to subprograms as a parameters.

Example 5-1 declares an associative array that is indexed by a string, populates it, and prints it.

DECLARE 2 -- Associative array indexed by string: 3 4 TYPE population IS TABLE OF NUMBER -- Associative array type 5 INDEX BY VARCHAR2(64); 6 7 city_population population; -- Associative array variable 8 i VARCHAR2(64); 9 10 BEGIN 11 -- Add new elements to associative array: 12 13 city_population('Smallville') := 2000; 14 city_population('Midland') := 750000; 15 city_population('Megalopolis') := 1000000; 16 17 -- Change value associated with key 'Smallville': 18 19 city_population('Smallville') := 2001; 20 21 -- Print associative array: 22 23 i := city_population.

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