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“We each have different ways to enter into new worlds of ideas.

Food is one language,” Joyce explains, “that motivated me to learn more about Judaism.” Joyce started taking classes at her local Chabad center.

Soon, Joyce, who was divorced, was sharing that love with her new husband, whom her rabbi introduced her to.

After she and Ilan married, they made the decision to adopt an Orthodox Jewish lifestyle, moving to an Orthodox neighborhood where they live with their five children.

Joyce believes that becoming an observant Jew has helped her grow not only in her personal life, but professionally as well.

“Having a strong moral center helps you be a better businesswoman, a better partner, a better wife, a better person.” Though she jokes that she moved “from Chanel to Shabbat”, Joyce notes that since becoming Orthodox people think she has become even more stylish, calling her more modest style “classic”.

Joyce’s father was born into a large Jewish family in Tunisia and moved to Paris as a child, eventually studying fashion there.

That spiritual element helped the Azrias maintain perspective even in the center of the high-fashion worlds of Paris and LA.recently caught up with the irrepressible and energetic designer who shared her thoughts about being a fashion icon and observant Jew.The daughter of famed designer Max Azria, who founded the BCBG and other high-fashion clothing lines, Joyce grew up in a fast-paced, glamorous world, dividing her time between Paris, where she was born, and Los Angeles, where she grew up and still calls home.From the outside, her life looked impossibly glamorous; she travelled the world, rubbed shoulders with celebrities, but the reality was far different.Building up the family’s fashion brands was intense, grueling work, and many of the famous people Joyce got to know didn’t seem fulfilled or happy up close.

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