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I was the only child of a couple with ambitions for their daughter beyond the reach of their money it seemed. It some ways it might have been better had I stayed at state school, but my parents wanted things, as they thought, better still for me and none of us knew that events would turn out as they did.Beyond their reach till their out-of-the-blue windfall from a lottery ticket given them as a gift by me, of all people: the first I had ever bought. Although I had but two years left to the school leaving age of eighteen, it was agreed even by me, that I should seek the best education money could buy a girl, and go to St Catherine's Academy for Girls.Do not give them a chance to make personal contact with you.As in any other life situation, only after extensive knowledge about another person should you make the move of getting to know someone personally.

Arriving to live-in there on the afternoon of the day before the first of the new term, I was surprised at how friendly and welcoming the girls who had been there already for some time were to me, as a newcomer, as we all stood around in the assembly hall waiting to be formally sorted into our year-groups classes and dormitories.

A "fag" is a junior aged boy who acts for a time as a menial servant for a senior one, just as that senior one will have done in his turn when he was younger. I was horrified that anyone would think I was a whore, not that I really and truly knew what it meant to be a whore when I had just turned sixteen, but my new found friends and fellow future classmates assured me it was not me that was being talked about.

As if I should know what she meant, the most talkative of my new companions, a girl my age called Tania, explained that the School Slag had left at the end of last term and her replacement was yet to be chosen.

Five-feet eight inches tall, with long, long, legs and long slim arms.

I was an innocent, with an angel's face, startling light blue eyes that would flash green when I was aroused from whatever cause, and blonde hair reaching down below my very shapely buttocks.

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