Dating pet peeve parents dealing with interracial dating

Ever wonder what the worst thing you can do on a first date is?This survey of over 108,000 singles who were asked, “What actions would make you forego a second date? Dating site Whats Your polled its members to find their biggest first date pet peeves and here’s a shocker: men and women both agreed on what is the worst first date offense.Online dating has its own set of rules and etiquette.Here’s one pet peeve I have with a common male behaviour on dating sites. In a town like mine, it ends up being a little bit redundant (I see a lot of the same faces on OKC, Po F and Tinder), but still, I like to cast a wide net, and see what I can catch.Now, sure, sometimes when the profile is better than the average, I can find something to ask you about.But since you’re the one who approached me, you’re the one who should that spending my energy having a conversation with you is worth it. Don’t expect that simply because you’ve sent a lazy “hi, how are you? This isn’t “elevator at the office on Monday morning.” This is online dating, and you can get to learn a lot about me without even talking to me.A list of hobbies, maybe a mention of their job, and a few characteristics of what they’re looking for. The worst is someone starting a conversation with you by sharing the usual pleasantries, and then you say: “So, what interested you in me?There’s a lot of “fun-loving, down-to-earth, love the outdoors” kinda stuff. Your profile isn’t very helpful.” And then you get a few “Oh, I like that you seem so smart and mature and you like sci-fi and your pics are great. I’m an open book.” Dude, you’re not the latest featured AMA on Reddit. When I read a profile, I like to have a general sense of whether or not we’ll get along, so we don’t have to both waste our time if we don’t fit.

The average age of female respondents was 33; male, 38. Sure, appearance counts — 51 percent of women said they wouldn’t date someone too short — but it turns out people aren’t as finicky as expected.Now, I’ve been doing online dating since, literally, 2001.I have lots of experience, and coming back after 9 years in a monogamous relationship, it wasn’t much different.“People seem pretty well-adjusted, and pretty forgiving on both sides,” says Carlene Bauer, Elle articles editor.“We’d assumed that people had more specific pet peeves.” Of course, there were some gender double-standards. Women are certainly more preoccupied with their physical appearance, with most spending an average of 5.8 hours a week primping and grooming, compared to most men who need only 3.6 hours.

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