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Glamour: Are there any other technologies you're concerned about?

BC: I’m more concerned about the way people will take it rather than the technology that's being invented.

How do we increase our emotional and social intelligence?

There’s definitely arguments against that, if we look at the proliferation of dating apps and the way we can swipe through 200 people on the toilet, and the idea that that’s made us view people as more disposable.

BC: The problem that’s going to make the most impact on our lives is helping people communicate. We’re spending more time communicating via streams versus in person.

I [would like to see] technology that can solve the problem of how we can communicate better with our children, our lovers, our friends, and other people.

This sort of interactivity is far more engaging than any book or screen has been previously. There are a couple of interesting VR sex ed examples going on at the moment.How would that affect their real-life relationships? Those questions made her curious enough to start the Future of Sex podcast.In each episode, Cole investigates a new issue at the intersection of sexuality and technology, from the etiquette of dick pics to the ethics of sex robots.You're touching yourself, but you're in this virtual, immersed environment that's a safe place where you can still learn.Glamour: That sounds like an opportunity we don't really get now, since a lot of people wouldn't feel comfortable masturbating in front of a sex therapist.

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