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The ebook ‘Online dating success for men’ will show you a multitude of ways to secure a date with women that you connect with online.


Hello my honoranble friend and overly enthusiastic Facebook user.

It’s great that you landed on this article, but it would be even better if you would stop creeping out innocent (and not so innocent) girls on Facebook with your weird messages, your ridiculous likes and your creepy comments that you place under every image with a cleavage.

This ebook has handed me the dating life I always craved for”“I spent 3 years on numerous online dating sites, trying out different methods and messages, and was forever changing my profile photo and altering my online profile information. That was until I read Kezia’s book ‘Online dating success for men’ Now I know exactly what to do, and best of all, I don’t have to ever tell a single lie” Howard , 32, London “ I’m a 37 year old business man, and my work means I really don’t have time to go out to bars and clubs.

I’m wealthy and attractive and am successful at what I do, but being so busy made it hard for me to meet beautiful women who I considered good enough to be with me.

You want to have the ability to contact girls on Facebook in a way that makes them blush, giggle and smile.

Most of them have an agreement or an affiliation with one of the major online dating companies and are just feeding you GENERIC and INEFFECTIVE advice in order to promote a certain online dating website.

I went undercover on the online dating websites for 4 WHOLE MONTHS, putting into practice all the techniques and structures that I share with my students to find out WHICH ONES WORK and WHICH ONES DO NOT WORK. Constructing the most appealing and attractive profile without telling a single LIE .

After many trials and errors, I was able to pin point exactly what men needed to do in-order to gain MAXIMUM results from online dating. Creating the most powerful opening message that would literally hook the girl in as if it she was put under a spell of some sort. Applying powerful patterns and words that would anchor her desire in wanting to get to know you more and most importantly, will increase her buying temperature. The many ways to secure an actual date with one of the many beautiful and available women that you will contact via ANY online dating website.

The practice sessions with advice on conversation was great and I am still building on that.

Is Network Pickup really the best Facebook dating book?

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