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We told a member of staff we had worked with Toni when previously homeless and had come into money and wanted to thank him. I said to him when we met, “the work you do in the community is outstanding.

The best feeling you get from doing this is the reaction when these people finally realise that their lives are over.

So I guess it was like he was a paedophile but couldn’t actually go through with it, aside from sending outgross unsolicited dick pics?

Maybe he should be slightly commended for that but even so his behaviour is pretty awful and it lookalike he’s going to get sent down after he was arrested at his workplace, Hele’s Angels, a charity in Torquay.

A couple from Tonopah was arrested Wednesday on allegations they coerced an underage babysitter to have sex with them on two separate occasions over the summer, Maricopa County sheriff's records show.

Authorities say Samantha Ohlman, 23, and Jeffery Swartz, 27, asked the girl, who was 15 at the time, if she wanted to have a threesome with them while she was babysitting the couple's children in May.

However, other lines worked best in particular parts of the world.A member of Plymouth Against Paedophiles said this about the case – there are also a bunch of text messages from the case you can read all over the page which are suitably disgusting: Toni had been speaking to at least 39 under-aged girls online and had arranged to meet a lot of girls countrywide.He told [several decoys] he would book a hotel room to facilitate the threesome.In this sting, he originally told the decoy to meet him at Taunton Travelodge at 2pm on the Monday.He’d arranged to meet our other decoys in Coventry, Birmingham and Manchester.

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