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These mobs include hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, systematically harassing their targets.

#Slanegirl, a trending global public shaming of a teenage girl filmed performing fellatio is one example.

Seventy-six percent of trafficked persons are girls and women and the Internet is now a major sales platform. They happen overwhelming to women and the abusers are overwhelmingly men.

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According to Erica Olsen, Deputy Director of Safety Net, a program created by the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV), “In a 2012 survey, 89 percent of local domestic violence programs reported that victims were experiencing intimidation and threats by abusers via technology, including through cell phones, texts, and email.” Online harassment is a key weapon in intensified stalking, for example.See Federal Acquisition Regulation Codificationfor help finding what regulation you need. Please read this Privacy and Security Noticeand the Accessibility/Section 508 Notice.News about cyber-misogyny has steadily increased during the past year, since the publication of Amanda Hess’ “Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet,” but many people challenge the notion that women’s online harassment is a matter of specific and particular concern.For example, a piece in the Daily Beast last week argued that men are harassed more often than women online. The starting point for the article, written by Cathy Young, is a recent survey by British think tank Demos that found that male celebrities are recipients of more abuse overall on Twitter than their female counterparts.This was a relatively narrow and unrepresentative study.

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