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Because the holidays don’t seem to stop even after the holidays, we’re re-sharing this 2016 story on how to make small talk if you hate small talk.

It pairs especially well with a tall glass of bubbly and a napkin full of pigs-in-a-blanket.

She was right there with Schloss in terms of no-work talk, but added that sometimes the deeper questions you want to ask don’t always land. ’” Make it an open-ended question that can’t be answered with one word (the ultimate conversation killer) by adding a follow up such as, “And what do you like about it?

”This follow up is equally important — if not more so — when it comes to online small talk.

You might think that small talk is superficial and meaningless, but don’t be too harsh in your judgement: it can play in important role in human relations on a daily basis, and it’s a great way of getting to know people the first time you met them - unless you think that Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams is a better subject for a first discussion than what was on TV on Saturday night.

It sometimes pays to take the easy option, and, if everything works out, you’ll have plenty of time later for deep and meaningful discussion.

’ Don’t do that either.”Katie Shea, co-founder of Slate NYC, moderates a monthly breakfast of startup executives. If someone’s not responding, go back to something easy like, ‘‘What’s your favorite restaurant?Most of this is highly unlikely, of course, and if the other person decides you are not to their taste, you are just going have to take it on the chin.If you go in expecting the worst, it’s hardly conducive to favourable developments.So put your prejudices aside and see smalltalk for what it is: a great way of striking up an acquaintance.There’s no need to learn poems or lines to make sure you have something suitable to say, but you do need to go into your date with a positive attitude.

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