Single woman hong kong dating

Today, they can instead spend money on finding the right partner,” she said, adding that many of her high-income clients had properties, “which gives them a sense of security”.

As customers have become more discerning, dating agencies have had to expand their services from merely searching a database for a potential match and booking a table for two.

“Career ladies at the executive level are often too oriented toward professional goals, and that doesn’t help them in developing a relationship,” said Chan, co-founder of Rachael and Smith Matchmakers.

“I could tell Lee was really into (the property executive) ...

A basic package, which usually covers three dates, costs about HK,000, while a six- month premium package can be between HK,000 and HK0,000.

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In May last year, more than 1,500 people in Hong Kong registered to take part in If You Are The One, the Chinese version of the British TV dating show Take me Out.Her standard advice to clients is: moderation is the key.“At a certain age, when hormone levels fall, it really requires more painstaking efforts to stay attractive,” she said.“I don’t have time to date, and even if I do, I can’t guarantee the person I’m seeing is as serious as me,” she said.“Finding a partner is like searching for a needle in a haystack.” Of course, it is not only high-earning women who have anxiety about being “left over”, the translation of the Chinese term used for unmarried people.

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