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Replace that worn out, boring, cracked, broken, faded, ugly, red plastic dip stick with a trick billet part made in the U. Personalized Hot Shoe/Skid Shoe Straps/Soft Straps Fashionable, Durable, and Easy to use. This van, new Sprinter including conversion ,000.00 is available for immediate delivery. For more information call: Jim Mast 713 880-3231 Feb 7 HUNTER CRF250/450 Footpeg Lowering Kit Includes: CNC Machined Aluminum Right Footpeg Lowering Mount and Rear Brake Master Cylinder Relocation Bracket. I make all of the vintage starter driver - tt xt sr 500--- xr xl xf 500-----rs 600 500----xl 350 cover that I make on my mill the seal holder in tiged in to the cover so when you look at it you can not tell that it is welded in . I make the starter for the HONDA CRF450 and the rmz450 BUT DO NOT DO THE COVER AND DRIVER THE CRF450 STARTS FROM THE RIGHT ALL OTHER BIKES LEFT SIDE. I can start from a resoration, or build you one from the ground-up.

Slip resistant flat webbed Straps with Heavy Duty threaded stitching. By relocating your master cylinder you can now properly adjust your stock brake pedal to fit the lowered peg. Whatever chassis you want, or have, whatever paint you would like, to complete set-ups.

Hot Shoe Straps have Double (4) Nickel Plated, Welded Steel D-Rings. I can be contacted at [email protected] call 620-417-4115 Trick Machine Fastners - Machined aluminum fastner Kits. Stainless Hardware Metric sizes: 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, lengths range from 8mm-30mm. (plus tax and shipping) 11 Starters and driver for sale Drivers for Hondas xr500 xl500 ft500 rs600 rs500 and the left side mag cover with starter driver for xl350 Driver for Yamaha tt500 xt500 sr500 Starters for all vintage flat trackers and the YZF450 and RMZ450 all left side start Starters for CRF450 right side start. I'm not a engine builder, I'm not a suspension expert, but if you don't have the time, or the resourses, I can build you a custom built or a one-of-a-kind dirttracker.

*Available in MANY Solid colors, MANY Pattern Straps, Widths, and Colored D-Rings Get it in 3/4" or 1" Overall length is 41" from end of strap to the last D-Ring. plus shipping, I also have remote drive kits for Rotax or TT500, kits are 5 with machining your case included or 0 without machining plus shipping. Call Matt Mc Cracken Sturgeon, Mo Cell 1-573-239-8040 Home 1-573-817-0722 [email protected] Number Plate and Bodywork Fasteners. countersunk for 1/4" flathead bolt (other diameters or bolt sizes can be made to order ) Come complete with Stainless Steel flat head allen bolts and rubber washers. My builds have been seen by riders at race tracks, up and down California.

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I was hired by a flat tracker by the name of Ron Alexander to make an exact replica of the Trackmaster fiberglass style tanks, but out of metal.

So here is a few pics as a preview to see if you would let me post on VFT to sell these tanks to various racers.

Thank you for your time, Shawn S & M Metal Forming [email protected] 217-6875 For all the stuff you wish you had out of metal May 14 Champion, Bultaco frame footpeg and brake plates. Also have plates with no holes drilled so you can fit to other frames.

Just the plates with no footpegs - Complete footpeg and brake plate with master cylinder mounting plate and brake pedal.

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