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Good luck everyone, and thank you, Foreigngirlfriend!!! I have been messaging for a while and almost gave up, but there was one lady who conquered my heart even via online chatting.Her name is Anne and I'm proud to say that she's now my wife! After a month of daily messaging I finally decided to visit her in Saint Petersburg, you never know...Since the instance can only be reached over a local network I haven't setup the email setup.Unfortunately gitlab still wants to sent new users conformation emails with a temporary password, but they never receive this email.Single girls are attracted to the site for various reasons.

I'm a challenging kind of person so when things came to real meeting, Arthur wanted to come to me on his vacation. But before we become a married couple, we shall visit my parents and do everything according to our traditions! We all know that words will never express what love really is, so it's just my story I’d like to share with all of you. Naming convention ' can be changed based on your requirement. Name & "-" & Format(Now, "dd-mmm-yy h-mm-ss") & ".pdf" 'Complete path of the file where it is saved File Full Path = Temp File Path & Temp File Name 'Now Export the Activesshet as PDF with the given File Name and path On Error Go To err With Active Sheet . Full Name 'You can add other files also like this '. Temp File Path = Environ$("temp") & "\" ' Now append a date and time stamp ' in your pdf file name. Sub Mail_workbook_Outlook_1() 'Working in Excel 2000-2013 'This example send the last saved version of the Activeworkbook 'For Tips see: Out App As Object Dim Out Mail As Object Set Out App = Create Object("Outlook. Create Item(0) On Error Resume Next With Out Mail = "[email protected]" . Export As Fixed Format _ Type:=xl Type PDF, _ Filename:=File Full Path, _ Quality:=xl Quality Standard, _ Include Doc Properties:=True, _ Ignore Print Areas:=False, _ Open After Publish:=False End With 'Now open a new mail Set Out App = Create Object("Outlook. Create Item(0) On Error Resume Next With Out Mail .

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