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My wife starts her journey from OR nurse to a Nurse Anesthetist next week.

She is in lecture 1 day a week at that same location. Her program can me frustratingly retarded at times, but that is a universal factor with any academics. her school has clinical sites from Sarasota to northern Tampa.

When she doesn't get called in she still makes 0 just for sitting at home. When she got her BSN she was working full time and in school full time.

I did my best to keep up on everything, but it was certainly a strain.

It left me with A LOT of time for hunting and farting around. We never ate together the first year, but I'd cook if she was going to be around. It is still hard, it's different, but it is variety and active and a whole lot cooler.

Figure out what her and her study group likes to eat and bring them food to the library. All kidding aside, the wife is an RN/BSN and thought about it for a while. Now she's landed a work from home/ play on the computer job making bank so we never went through with it. I think my wife will get comfort from practical application as well.

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