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SATANISM/LUCIFERIANISM/33RD DEGREE FREEMASONRY - Pagan Rituals and Myths used to pervert, degenerate and control a psychopathic ruling class.

Mao was a 33rd Degree Freemason put in place by the CIA!! KARL MARX - Wrote Das Capital from his MI6 provided office in the British National Library under Ambassador Urquhart creating MI6 inspired Communism, Russian Revolution (65 millions tortured dead) and Mao's Chinese Revolution (85 millions tortured dead), and Socialism.

Fake gangs have been used in Ireland (IRA), Vietnam, Italy - GLADIO, Turkey, Belgium, the Philippines, Kenya, Malaya, Iraq, Syria (ISIS), New York (Al Qaeda) and many other places.

Lord Stevens, a former UK police chief, is quoted as saying that only three out of 210 terrorist suspects he arrested in a probe in Northern Ireland were not working for either the police, the security service MI5 or the UK Army.

My question to you is simple: do you want to turn into a despotic reader somebody who will come to this site to hear his views supported, his ideas vindicated and his hopes affirmed?

Or do you prefer to come here, get what I hope is an honest, if generally cautious, analysis which you can then either accept or reject?

My job is to try to present to you the truth as best as I can distinguish it - and see below the supporting evidence.

Even when that truth is cautious or, worse, unpleasant.

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The fake gangs idea has been used since Babylon 10,000 years ago, with this Scientific Engineering of Society, the Satanic Religion - another fake gang - has spread and infil-traited every noble family, every noble civilisation, and it is even now infil-traiting your country, your civilisation.Look, the intelligence process goes through what is called the Four A's: Acquisition, Analysis, Acceptance, Action. The second one means making sense of it and presenting it to your client (in this case: all of you).The third one is always overlooked: acceptance by the client i.e., the willingness to hear a negative or disappointing analysis. The Devil Worshipping Satanic Jewish Dnmeh and the Infiltration of Satanism into Luciferian Satanic Illuminati Kabbalist Sabbatean Frankists - Jewish Families - Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Schiff, Astor, Saud, Attaturk, Stalin, Hitler, Mao.If you really think that my analysis is a form of softness or passivity then you really misread me and the purpose of this site.You probably know that it is a well-known problem with despots and dictators when the gradually surround themselves with only those kind of advisors who enthusiastically agree with everything the despot wants to hear and with everything the despot says.

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