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Yes, you’ve got access to a portal that opens the door to thousands of options, but those options are surprisingly similar. They all “love what this city has to offer,” “enjoy being active,” and of course, without fail, they all “love to laugh.” Seriously, if you’re not a fan of laughing, then you’ve either had a horrific throat/face accident (sorry), or you’re an alien doing a poor impression of a human. You wouldn’t have stooped to this level if it were that easy. Views on reality television and pop music are potentially fun debates to have, but instead people tend to gravitate towards people with whom they match with perfectly. I know I’ve eliminated people because they’re super into God, but who knows — that could be a mistake.· Here’s the fundamental problem of online dating: while it makes perfect sense on paper, in practice, it’s so forced and awkward that it’s doomed from the start. Your online exchanges were so funny and had such a nice flow to them.The amount of women that put up that phrase — seemingly as a way to differentiate themselves — is mind-boggling.· But who wouldn’t want to date someone who loves his/her city, has an active lifestyle, and who loves to laugh? Because here’s what you’re agreeing to: “We are going to meet at such-and-such place. About that:· It’s much easier to be witty when writing a message, because you’ve got all the time in the world to respond.It’s as if society as a whole decided to swallow its pride and set up a profile.Of course, society doesn’t want to seem desperate, so its profile still contains disclaimers such as “I’m really skeptical about this” or “I’m just too busy to meet people.” But we already get everything else we want online — news, goods, degrees, jobs — so why not people?Plus, due to its geographically meaningful initials, if anything were to blossom with someone, we could avoid embarrassment and tell people we met in Amid the excitement and stress of perfecting my own profile into something that paints a pretty, yet unique, picture, I have managed to go on a handful of dates.Let me tell you: they’ve all been exceedingly average.To solve such a mystery, I decided to dive into the belly of the beast, and set up a profile.(What actually happened is that I had my heart broken, and decided to open up all avenues to fill the fresh, gaping hole in my emotional core).

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The actual date can end up being more uncomfortable than your sitting position when a flight attendant makes you return your seatback to its upright position.· And speaking of being doomed to fail from the beginning: You don’t want to commit your Friday or Saturday night to some potentially awkward stranger.But I think there some problems with the entire concept.Here are my scorching hot takes on the matter:· Everyone is the same. But in my experience online, most girls have strikingly similar thoughts on life. You exchange life-resumes, and then you’re looking at each other with nothing to talk about, and you’re wondering why.But it is a perfectly reasonable way to meet people, and there’s no reason not to try it. But if you’re going to go for it, here’s my unsolicited advice:· Avoid the traditional first date of dinner, drinks, or coffee.Go to some event or place where you can people-watch and/or comment on the scenery around you. Anywhere that avoids getting completely locked in a two-person bubble.· And don’t be afraid to commit a full night to it.

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