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We wait for them to go about their business alighting and departing at stations.

We want to avoid the disapproval directed at people herded into a small space whose physical presence impinges too much- spread legs a width too far a, bass i Pod or floppy broadsheet newspaper intruding into our sight-line.There are narrow corridors, serried rows of upright seating and mean little table-tops; intolerant of a wayward knee or crossed leg.Straps and rails hang from ceilings to keep us upright and apart like skittles in an alley frame and pull down seats against carriage sides encouraging us to keep left or right of centre.Nowadays there is little to greet the herald of its whistle. We cannot bypass the bits we seek to avoid and neither are we are distanced from them: the rise and fall of the landscape, miles and miles of fields with only the occasional low contour veering upwards; the back-ends of cities built from brick smeared with soot and tracks diverging and converging like undone zippers.Trains connect us to the pulse of other people too.

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