Pkmn dp dating sim lulz

He decided it was better to peruse attention on the internet rather than gainful employment, but because it was the right move and totally not because putting effort into something was too hard for the middle aged failure who half asses everything then pretends it's gods gift to humanity Maddox claims to be a pirate, but since he lives in the landlocked state of Utah, he means an ass pirate.Eventually Maddox would move to LA, where he would begin dating a nigger tranny.The good news is that the jokes work, and they kept the audience in stitches.Hutcherson seems to feel right at home doing comedy — more than we expected given his dramatic role. Despite his shtick being so yesterday, he is still a pioneer of lulz. In fact, his many claims of being a pirate, coupled with a trend of no longer updating his site have worn pretty thin.

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Maddox is no different, having two of the gayest fan sites ever.

Maddox's 1337 hacking skills are not even script kiddy level stuff.

Just basic trolling any retard online can do now a days.

This is to compensate for your ugly physique and small penis while you sulk on IRC with your naive friends who are convinced you're a manly pirate in your mom's basement.

Additionally, remember that this is your outlet to being a crybaby bitch instead of working out your problems the proper way, such as seeing a counselor/therapist/psychiatrist, going outside, finding a girlfriend, winning a fight with someone bigger than you at a bar, or just plain quit being a fucking pussy!

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