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My mum also told me my sister Bonnie, who was 12, also had AIS, but didn't know.

The thinking was you couldn't tell a girl as young as 11 or 12 that they were a boy, as they wouldn't be able to understand or cope.

Meeting and falling in love with my husband James when I was 28 made a big difference intersex dating australia my sense of self and my acceptance of my body.

I never had acne — datign being able to process testosterone gives you great skin!

The code was there to be a boy but it didn't hold, so I developed along female lines.

And it's not just helping the intersex community — I've been approached by intersex dating australia who have seen my film and said they felt the same way as me growing up but they were bulimic or they were fat — a lot of intersex dating australia have felt rejected because of our bodies.

I think my mum and dad felt a lot of guilt about how I was told and how my medical intervention occurred. I used to be afraid if they knew they wouldn't like me anymore, but they've all said they love me and it doesn't matter.

I remember going to hospital for tests, but didn't know why and didn't think about it.

I was having a sleepover at my house, and all the other girls there had started their periods except me datinf were talking about it.

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