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The transfer of copyright agreements is unclear slipper slope due to the various royalty and copyright issues that existed between contributing authors and 73 Magazine.

(ref) However, many authors have said they are okay with having their articles reprinted as long as its at no charge.

The database is very comprehensive, covering many amateur radio general-interest and specialty magazines.

Didah also publishes smaller, less-expensive software packages for each of most popular ham magazines. Box 7368, Nashua, NH 03060, (telephone 603-878-3628).

He said he didn't know of any source other than scanning in over 50,000 pages.

Which he thought was daunting to sell maybe dozens of CDs.

One would have to get the permission of every author who had written for 73 Magazine in order to make a CD-ROM collection available.

Wayne sold 73 a couple times which further complicates the matter.

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The 73 Magazine Collection on the Internet Archive can be found here: Concerning a searchable master index of articles.

However, Buckmaster was one of the first to have microfilmed, and later, scanned issues of the magazine.

From what I have found, the microfilmed versions advertised for sale over the years were purchased by most major technical colleges.

And the courts rulings on CD-ROMs Of Magazine Archives have been mixed.

73 usually only bought first publication rights and sometimes first reprint rights.

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