Adult chat couple fun

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Show those spooky spirits you ain't afraid of no ghost with these Ghostbusters Couples Costumes.

Just don't forget to bring an object with you to leave behind for the next person!

GOL is the perfect way to end any of these Playdates!

Paris, you’re just a short trip from the centre of Paris and all it’s famous sights, restaurants and attractions.

Whether you fancy climbing the Eiffel Tower or wandering the legendary galleries of the Louvre, we have an excursion ready and waiting.

We're not talking about Marco polo in a public pool surrounded by kids...

But it’s so much more than legendary Disney Service.

The other day one of my friends came over to hang out for a bit.

Our kids were riding bikes & scooters and we were just chatting.

I'm actually the owner of a few XXL beer company tee-shirts as prizes for my trivia victories. It's a really fun date and it's cool to see how your strengths compliment each other! in college we would go once a month with a big group of friends and it was amazing!

My man is all science, math, sports, and some history... Be warned, you will be in the presence of some very serious bingo players...

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