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They all sleep and work there–that’s why he’s whispering and slipping outside to answer his phone.The million-dollar offers have dried up, and critics have labeled the service a passing craze.To do so, he’s worked tirelessly to sanitize its image.“Since we’ve implemented the content-control system, the site has become cleaner, and more people are starting to use it,” the founder tells But Chatroulette can’t fully wean itself off nudity yet.It’s also Ternovskiy’s answer to whether he’d finally accepted outside investments.“50,000 naked men” has become “our investment,” he says.

According to Ternovskiy, Chatroulette is now earning 0,000 per month due to its refined business model and content-control system–all from “naked men.” That’s triple the site’s monthly “mainstream” or “normal” revenue, as Ternovskiy refers to it.Visitors begin to talk to a stranger, being able to leave the conversation at any time to start another conversation.The video is funny because some participants think Robbie is not really Robbie, but someone pretending to be him.It’s early in Palo Alto, California, and Ternovskiy’s voice is soft and raspy. “Just a second–I can’t talk very loudly because there are people sleeping in my room,” he whispers in his Russian accent.“Alright, now I’m outside.”The evasive, confined lifestyle isn’t what you’d expect from Ternovskiy.

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