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The companies that develop the national brands invest money in advertising and research to develop their products. Because our private-label products do not have the research and advertising overhead, we can sell the products for less.

We are extremely proud of our multi-faceted portfolio of high-quality private-brand products.

If I am not satisfied with a product I purchased at a Hannaford store, can I return it? We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that we are offering high-quality products in our stores. Any time that you are not satisfied with a product purchased at a Hannaford store, bring the item back to the store for a full refund or replacement product.At Hannaford, our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products at consistently low prices.We work with many different suppliers to produce products that meet rigid standards for our private label brands.He was in Three Loco, a group of the rap artists Dirt Nasty and Riff Raff but on September 26, 2014 he announced that the group had broken up.He currently has his own cooking show on MUNCHIES, a You Tube channel that is part of the VICE network.

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