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True that telling a taxi to aim for Twin Inn is ideal, since this is just two doors down. For those of you who watched the movie Expendables 2, this place reminds me of the run down Soviet made American city mock-up. Went in shortly after 4 pm and was quoted 2 K for 90 minutes no muss no fuss. Service was fantastic, shower, massage leading into B2 B and light teasing, transitioning into BBBJ and FS. It seems like the club girls are more likely to not have an umbrella, vs. I tried hitting up these places after 4 am expecting some FL activity, but found both to be very sparse. Other regular Beer bars had only a few ladies in each bar, but (there is always a but) most are older and 6 or less, you will only find a diamond in the rough once in a while. Does it make me cheap Charly, when I usually deny drinks for "friends" of a lady I just met? OK, she did not look hot but acceptable MILF mid thirties and not fat maybe a 5, so upstairs we go. She kept her promises although the BBBJ was for maybe 3 minutes only. It's been / and going to be raining during my stay. Half a block to hit Bangla, which makes logistics of bringing a girl back easy. This street becomes the scooter parking area during nights, which means a good spot to pick up stray FLs are they end their shifts. Maybe I am too old at the age of 56, but talking to a few of them, I did not get the vibe, that they were keen to join me in the room. I am not aware of reading this here, maybe some seniors can help. usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2g3zev AZZl Xd VVSZl VBSi1x Uk E/edit? usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2g3zev AZZl XYWl CMi1p YXR0c2s/edit? usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2g3zev AZZl XT2h KZj Bac3dm OGs/edit? Are there other areas of Phuket with good gogo bars? I am visiting Thailand Nov 3rd week and planning for a 2 day stay in patong. I would be interested in trying out some of the other places. I would most likely ask management if they have any recommended combination or a girl there I know after session.Kindly suggest a good budget hotel which will be close to the famous bangla road and also guest friendly. So seeking some help from the kind souls here on places for mongering there. 오늘의 동영상~~~ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2g3zev AZZl XWj B4NFdx MXVtc1k/edit? usp=sharing https:// 우리정서에 맞는 asian girl https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2g3zev AZZl XWFd Xdmd4N2NYSTA/edit? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2g3zev AZZl XTXRt VDFQc TNl NW8/edit? usp=sharing Nl Szl 암호 인클 보고즐기세요 청소년 관람불가♬♬♬ (반함)19 (잘난척)(헤롱)2 (우웩)(외계인)(외계인녀)3 (삐짐)(하트)(실연)(별)4 (그만)(그만)(그만)(그만)(그만)5 (컵케익b)(해)(축하)(치킨)(컵케익a)(똥)6 (골프)(돈)(야옹)(입술)(농구)(입술)(농구)7 (당구)(당구)(당구)(당구)(당구)(당구)(당구)(당구)8 (꽃)(꽃)(꽃) 긴급속보입니다~^^ 조선일보 석간입니다ᆢ 조금전에수입했읍니다 우째이런일이! 역시 미제라 틀리긴 틀리구만...ㅋ 순수한 국내 부부 직접 - FC2 동영상 수십편(반함) BSAUp E (헤롱)홍콩~가는년 개하고(부끄) bo_table=korya 맛보기 짱 ] 배우 문소리.이성재 - 금방 삭제될 것 같으니 빨리보세요!

Great attitude, although mine provider is visiting from Bangkok and is leaving in a couple of days. I had time so I tried a shuttlebus from Patong Beach Road / Bangla intersection that cost 30 THB. This is my first holiday in Patong although I did 10 trips to Thailand, reading the Phuket thread once in a while did not get me too excited.All in all, you only need a few nice girls to forget all the others. Now I don't want to sound arrogant but it's just my opinion. I don't remember exactly where in my research it suggested that these two places are where FLs converge after hours, but after checking in a number of days, I don't see it. The few girls that are not paired aren't attractive nor do they seem to care. Pretty large operations, too, based on the building and signage. I can't imagine it being much different, but I'm guessing Katherine's gets talked about more here because of the happy hour? For those that don't and continue to talk to a moving brick wall, that's their problem. I admit I wasn't here at the right time (right around 1 am). From research I noted this place as a FL bar with no LDs, but that wasn't true. Being led around isn't my preference, but I figured since I don't know the area, it was an opportunity to check the place out. In retrospect, I should have heeded a previous post that said agree to ST first, then see if you want LT (although I'll have to figure out how to convey that more complicated contract within the context of a noisy club). Positives: location, half a block away from Bangla, which reads as easy walking distance, but not so close that it's noisy. Answering the standard questions and then playing a game, because there is nothing to talk about anymore bores me to hell. Well, that evening I didn't barfine her straight away because I felt I might look a little bit like [Code Word910] when walking with her, don't know if you ever had this feeling. Who let her sleep all day aaaaand did not had sex with her. Well, this is only one example, but I met a lot of ladies who apparently had to much baggage to be barfined by me. I had the feeling I might get scammed and asked for some ridiculous money, but no, she did not walk me downstairs and no further requests for money were made on my way out. I've been checking most bars at Bangla but actually none caught my real interest. There's definitely a quality (and height) difference between those that stand by the entry way vs. I had time so per guidance I tried the shuttlebus from Patong to Phuket Town (30 THB), which took 50 minutes and runs every 30 minutes. Faded colorful buildings that looks like they're remnants of a past war. The LBs which I think stay outside more are more prepared. The pool hall girls (with the baseball caps) seem very unfriendly and all the non baseball cap girls who are playing pool with guys. OK I'm aware, I will not earn jai dee points for doing so, but I don't like to act like a sucker, just being gentle but firm. She was tight or used her vaginal muscles very well so the boom boom was good, she cleaned me up and gave a short oil massage after the deed.So if anyone has some good advice, please let me know. My learning: 1) for efficiency, hit Illuzion after 3 am and 2) agreements should be ST with option for LT. The Soi with the Beer bars is close to the river between Soi Rat Uthit 200 and the Soi south of it. Walking Soi Kep Sab a lady took a liking for me who told me 1000 BHT boom boom upstairs. Kindly suggest a good budget hotel which will be close to the famous bangla road and also guest friendly. So seeking some help from the kind souls here on places for mongering there. I'm trying to decide how many days I will stay in Phuket so I have a question about the gogo bars on Soi Seadragon.Or else I just have to accept that Patong doesn't offer what I look for. Very similar to the regular Beer bars described above, but cheaper. Hmm, usually I am not keen of having sex at these places with basic amenities, did not carry a condom either. How many girls do these gogo bars have in each one?

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